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LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD COMMUNITY FORUM                                             (RECAP OF 09/24/2016)


Greetings to EVERYONE!


First and foremost, thank you for taking your time in reading this recap. This is the recap of the “Let Your Voice Be Heard Community Forum” that took place September 24th, 2016. We appreciate everyone who comes to the forums and inputs their ideas, and provides information about great opportunities through businesses they have, or businesses they know of. We understand that things come up and everyone can’t make it in person to our forums, so we encourage everyone to utilize our email, and send us ideas and communicate with us freely. We will use the email as the main communication system, and updates of our meetings outside of the forum. For instance, this Saturday we will be in the Pine Hills area, meeting at Pine Hills & Silver Star in the shopping plaza with Winn-Dixie for our first community outreach day. Please see below in the “Community Outreach” section for more details. We also will be vigilantly attempting to attend the Orlando City Council meeting on October 10th, 2016 and the Orange County Board of Commissioners meeting on October 11th, 2016. This will require us to register for these meetings in person, and on our own free time. Please see below in the “Upcoming Political Calendar of Events/Political Info” section for more details. We will need to be contacted back via email for everyone who is interested, so we can approximate how much supplies we will need. We will have the official website up and running before the next forum, so please be on the lookout for an email, and promotion on Facebook regarding the website. This recap will be detailed, but will cover what we have discussed at the past forums. Please feel free to give us feedback in regards to the recap, and also offer any ideas for solutions. The forums are meant to give everyone a fair chance to give their input, and more importantly, a mode for us to enact the visions we have. Our next meeting has a tentative date of October 22nd, 2016.


Please add our new Facebook: “Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc.”, this will contain the most recent information pertaining to all the forums.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the next Forum!


Below you will see downloadable versions of the PDF document of this email, the Power-point from the last forum, the upcoming political calendar of events for us to attend, and the information document about each political event that we included in the calendar and pictures from our last meeting.