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LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD COMMUNITY FORUM                                             (RECAP OF 10/23/2016)

Due to the long nature of our recap document (14 pages long, don't worry its lots and lots of pictures so we aren't really able to fit them all in one email) we have condensed the recap email down to a visual-centric format. This way all of the partner business and organizations we were sponsoring, along with upcoming events can be easily viewed.

The next forum's tentative date is November 27th, 2016. Please join us as we wanted to make sure all the festivities were over with for our next forum. 


Below you will find the DOWNLOADABLE PDF document of the recap email, the power-point that was presented at the last forum, the Calendar of Events (updated), the political info document, and the “Let Your Voice Be Heard Community Forum” October Newsletter.