Let  Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. believes that one of the best ways toe empower communities is through knowledge and skills. We have implemented a committee dedicated to developing new workshops for the community from grant-writing, realty, credit repair, mental health, stop the violence, know your rights, parenting skills, business professional skills and more. Each month we will bring a new workshop to the Central Florida area that will help equip people with tools that will last a lifetime. Please stay tuned to the events section for upcoming events and also take a look at pictures and synopsis from our last workshops.

Grant-Writing 101 with beverly burgess

Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. presents a #GrantWriting101 with our expert grant- writer, Beverly Burgess. This is a once in a lifetime, FREE, opportunity to learn more about the world of grant-writing and how to unlock the doors of funding your organization or business! Beverly Burgess is a retired grant-writer for the state of Florida, who has worked under Charlie Crist. She now runs her own organization, but has agreed to take time out if her busy schedule for this once in a lifetime, FREE opportunity.

youth stop the violence  robinswood middle school workshop

Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. has launched our "Hood 2 Hood" campaign which encompasses an international tour to different school systems and crime stricken areas. We responded to a request for Robinswood Middle School located in Orlando, FL in the Pine Hills neigborhood, due to a recent surge of fights in the school. “Hood 2 Hood” offers mobile crisis mentoring and crime prevention workshops to the youth of crime  filled areas. We will make sure to impact the youth in a positive way, and equip them with tools that will help guarantee their  success. 



Our great mental health professionals put on a great event and provided with us crucial information about PTSD, Secondary PTSD, our roots, what mental health services consist of and many more impactful topics. This will be a short and sweet recap email as we have included video footage of the event. Attendants of our forum that signed up for our email list were offered two free mental health sessions from one of our great mental health professionals. This was a very deep and personable workshop so some of the footage was stopped when the attendants began to interact and ask personal questions for privacy purposes.


Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. mentoring/workshop series beginning primarily for young men (not excluding young ladies) ages 12-17, on June 17th at the Holden Heights Community Center focusing on crime prevention, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, employ-ability, knowledge of self and more... this will be a recurring meeting once to twice a month and will include one on ones throughout the week.. if you're interested in enrolling your youth please click the link below to register and/or to volunteer.