For the last week of school of 2016, we responded, in collaboration with multiple organizations, to the tragic death of Kendra Lewis, the young mother who was shot and killed at the Citgo located near Evans High School, as a result of being an innocent bystander in an altercation involving the youth that attended Evans High School. We felt that an outreach was needed for the youth, and we began by bringing out chips and cold drinks for the youth, and also equipping them with lists of programs for after-school, college opportunities, mentoring, and even employment opportunities. In the first day we touched over 300 youth, and the second day, they were expecting us back. We then began our efforts at Jones High School also, where we were also widely received and we were able to connect with youth. Since then, many students have called the organizations we listed for them, and also followed through with some of our advice.  We have decided to continue this effort and wish to continue this at least twice a week for the rest of the year. We require at least 4 volunteers at each location. We have an email list of over 150 recipients, all we ask is for one person to volunteer twice in the next 6 months and this can be done.

Our primary days are Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you feel your organization can accommodate one of these days with youth outreach, please contact us and let us know. All it takes is a little over an hour at each location for us to give out chips and drinks, talk to the youth, and provide them with resources. In the future, we hope to branch off into middle schools when we have enough volunteers. Reach one, teach one, in actual effect. You can view pictures and videos from our past outings below.

What We Need:

 Chips (assortments)

 Drinks

 Snacks (assortments)

 Ice

 Coolers
 Cash donations for resources (chips, drinks, printing material, etc.)




If you wish to donate to the GoFundMe to contribute to the youth after school outreach, please use the the widget below.