Vendor Table for July 8th Community Care Fair

Vendor Table for July 8th Community Care Fair


Vendor Table for July 8th Event 

Community Care Fair 

Central Florida Fairgrounds Main Venue


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This event will provide key vendors and companies with access of up to 5,000 attendants who can sign up or use their services and help promote great services through word of mouth and conventional promoting. We understand that your company provides a resource that the community can take advantage of and we believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for your company to have access to up to 5,000 attendants who will be attending this Community Resources Expo. We will have designated areas for each vendor and will facilitate the event with the vendor area being the focus followed by the workshops, festivities, food and drinks and live performances. Each attendant will have an understanding that the main purpose of this expo is to unite members of the community with key companies and resources that are readily available for them to take advantage of.

We are starting vendor table slots at $50.00 and will include 1 table and 2 chairs and we are starting workshop slots at $50.00 per slot for a workshop in a specially designated area. For additional space or to present a workshop in conjunction with a vendor table (in designated workshop area) the price ranges up to $100. We have also included a more in depth letter about the events that will be taking place at this event and the overall objective and layout of the event. This venue has the capacity of fitting well over 200 vendors but there will be a cutoff limit to ensure that the vendors have quality time to present to attendants. Additional volunteers to work the crowd and bring more attention to vendor area is advised as this will be a highly-populated event.