Recap of Rally 2 Tally for State Attorney Aramis Ayala

On March 30th, 2017, we had a very successful trip to the Capitol for the Rally behind State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s discretion to not pursue the death penalty due to the complications with the death penalty and its process and to denounce the decision made by Governor Rick Scott to remove her from the Markeith Loyd and death penalty cases. We showed up with over 500 people from throughout the state to show we were not alone and Orlando we came out in substantial numbers with over 200 people from our groups alone! We explained to many on the bus trip that this would not be the last step we take in the fight against this injustice and we will have follow up information for anyone who wants to join this fight. There are other tools that can be implemented right now such as phone calls to the Governor’s office at (850)-488-7146 to advise his office that #WeStandWithAyala and do not appreciate the Governor overstepping his boundaries on one of our elected officials. Other options include email and Organize Florida has put together an email that can be sent to the Governor’s office by following this link: http://www.flgov.com/contact-gov-scott/email-the-governor/

The email:

Dear Governor Rick Scott,

I am a resident of Florida and a concerned voter. We elected Aramis Ayala to be our State Attorney and you are undermining our decision by removing her from cases and threatening to cut her budget. Stop standing in the way of State Attorney Ayala and let her do the job she was elected to do.  I Stand with Aramis Ayala.




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