Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and grassroots movement that works on the school, community and state level.


Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. is composed of community advocates and residents who have chosen to aid the fight for change and reform in impoverished neighborhoods by providing tools and resources that are so desperately needed in our under-served and under-represented neighborhoods.

A community based organization, Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. focuses on empowering communities in different forms such as mentoring, “stop the violence” events, victim advocacy and rights, community and youth workshops, monthly community forums, community “fun days,” community outreach and peace walks, social justice rallies, second chance, youth outreach and much more.

School Level 

Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. is partnered with schools in the Central Florida school districts to conduct workshops for the youth during allotted school times that vary from crime prevention, anti-bullying, entrepreneurship, finances, self-knowledge, history, “stop the violence,” and other subjects.

We also perform after-school outreach for the youth traveling home on foot from school where we ensure that everyone has a safe journey home and provide the youth with free and packaged cold drinks, snacks and handouts for their parents on how to sign up youth for after-school programs, community service hours and MENTOR-SHIP opportunities. The handout also includes resources for the family such as financial and social services, health and food bank information for times of need.

Community and State Level

Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. conducts monthly community forums that address community needs, initiatives and events for the communities we serve. The location varies based on the community we’re performing outreach for which entails community outreach walks, crisis mentoring, peace walks, surveys, food and clothing drives, fundraisers, community fun days, social justice rallies, workshops and more. Workshops will vary based on themes but include subjects such as crime prevention, mental health, entrepreneurship, grant-writing, realty and first time home buyers, credit repair, group economics, local economics and more.                         

We also are community and victim advocates that will focus on social justice issues such as discrimination, bullying, harassment, criminal justice reform, second chance, re-entry, civil rights and more. We are not a politically motivated group and focus on issues that affect the communities and people we serve. Our sole mission is to help the under-represented groups such as minorities, specially enabled persons, victims of crime, returning citizens and others.

Crisis Mentoring

Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. offers crisis mentoring to at-risk youth and high crime filled areas in the form of a program titled “Hood 2 Hood” which includes our mentors responding to calls for mentoring whether its due to a crime that a youth has been the victim of or is accused of committing, or is “at risk” to be in trouble. We will make house calls, connect mentees with employment and community service opportunities, include them in our activities focused on the youth and provide them with guidance to help reduce the risk of the same situation occurring again.





We have monthly community forums that have been hosted at various black owned businesses in the Central Florida area since July 2016. We have touched bases on group economics, community policing, stopping the violence, police brutality, boycotts, political responses and more. We value each person's input and want every person's voice to be heard. Find out about past meetings we have held and upcoming community forums and view pictures of past forums.


We conduct weekly outreach events for the youth and community which feature youth after school outreach, mentoring, workshops, fun days and more as well as community outreach walks, neighborhood watch, election drives, food/clothing drives, feed the homeless, rallies, marches and more. See more of our past events and learn about our upcoming events.


Join as we conduct our outreach events and help us to guide the community and future generations. We are built off of the strength of our volunteers and supporters. If you're not able to physically donate time, find out how to donate through our GoFundMe campaign.


Home of all the LVYBH Newsletter and important documents shared at meetings.


All proceeds of t-shirt sales go towards costs for community efforts like afterschool youth outreach, workshops, community walks, fun days, food and drinks for the youth, trips, and more. T- Shirts will be pre-ordered and delivered brand new.


Click this page to view more about our mentoring program and view the upcoming meeting days, events, field trips, and more.