Let Your Voice Be Heard, Inc. offers mentoring to youth, ages 7-12 & ages 13-19, in a program titled “Young Men Mentorship,” which includes our mentors responding to calls for mentoring whether its due to general concerns, a school issue, or a crime that a youth has been the victim of or is accused of committing or is “at risk” to be in trouble. We will hold biweekly mentoring group sessions and will make house calls, connect mentees with employment and community service opportunities, include them in our activities focused on the youth and provide them with guidance to help reduce the risk of the same situation occurring again.  

 We offer intense motivational workshops that will give the youth an up close and brutal account of life in the streets and the system and equip them with tools that will help them to be on the right path! Our team consists of seasoned mentors who have experience of life in the “streets” or the “system,” and many of which have pulled themselves off the wrong track.  Each person has dedicated their life to helping others do the same. We can connect with the youth in ways that many other programs cannot and impact them in a way that will last for life!

We also set time aside to travel to any area that we are needed at and teach parents and youth how to build programs in their neighborhoods that will ensure their success after we depart.  Among mentoring, we also offer amazing workshops that we collaborate on with various organizations and programs in the area to guarantee that after we depart, the youth have programs available for them to join. We guarantee every organization we partner up with is dedicated to helping mentor the youth in an effective and successful way, and we are very mindful of whom we introduce the youth to.

What makes our “Young Men Mentorship” program different is the mentors and direction that are in this program. Most of the people we have involved have experienced life in the streets and the system and have made a change in their life for the better. We make sure that our mentors are positive role models that give back to their communities and that they live a life that our youth can truly look up to. Our mentors connect with the youth in many ways that many programs cannot simply because the youth are able to relate to them and they can give advice from a firsthand account. We have already begun our outreach and have reached thousands of kids to date yielding in impressive results.

“Young Men Mentorship” has one sole mission in mind, to make positive impacts in the youth’s lives that will have permanent effects. We make sure our youth learn valuable lessons that teach them how to say no to doing crime, how to apply for a job or college, how to start their own business among many other wonderful things.  Our mentors share experiences with the youth and offer guidance that the youth can relate to.





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